The Song

The Song    as an educational tool

More than 80% of all information processed by the brain comes in through our ears!  The brain commonly stores information with mental strategies, such as rhymes.  This is an invaluable way for the brain to remember and recall information.  When rhymes are added to music, a powerful teaching tool is born: A Song.

Advertisers utilize songs and musical techniques with clever jingles to help us remember their products.  Songs have historically been used as effective vehicles to help students remember information – beginning with the ABC Song!  Educators know that songs can play a vital role in the formation of character traits.  Research over the past 30 years has proven a causal connection between negative song lyrics and negative behaviors. Conversely, songs that communicate character-building thoughts and ideas have a positive impact on the minds and behaviors of students.

Well constructed songs written in popular genres and utilized in the classroom can maximize the imprinting of information to help students learn, remember, and make more positive life choices.  Songs containing rich, lyrical, value-driven content, high quality music production and messages that address issues that directly affect youth are exceptionally strong educational tools.

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