“ISSUE” SONGS                                           

Today’s complex world and its issues such as drugs, alcohol, crime, violence, divorce, A.I.D.S., and issues relating to the environment, deeply affect our children.

We, at CAN DO! Records, take a responsible position in the multimedia music industry by addressing some of these important issues that so shape the lives of today’s youth.  To that end, we have created a special catalog of “Issue” songs written to develop positive character traits by imparting positive information to children through music.

For example, the song entitled “WANNA SMOKE? WHAT A JOKE!” tells about the dangers of smoking.  “DRUGS? UGH!” addresses the issue of drugs to the very young child, and gives a warning not to try drugs.   The beautiful song entitled “SING LOVE” is written from the perspective of a child living with A.I.D.S.   All of our CAN DO! catalog songs are written with the utmost sensitivity to children.   The youth of today will enjoy quality music and simultaneously receive valuable information to help guide them into making responsible decisions and choices that will affect them throughout their lives.

A strong “issue” song included in our first CD release is entitled

“A STRANGER CAN BE DANGER”.  This song addresses personal safety and empowers children with vital information to help them stay as safe as possible should they ever be faced with a “stranger-danger” situation.

Our goal at CAN DO! RECORDS, is to produce the finest quality music and to incorporate positive themes that encourage the achievement of one’s highest potential.

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